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Our experts in respiratory health develop educational programs to help those with chronic lung conditions to better understand and manage their disease

How RESPIPLUS changes lives

  • We have developed successful patient education programs in COPD, Asthma, Pulmonary Fibrosis, and Smoking Cessation.
  • Our programs are evidence-based and have been demonstrated to improve people’s lives in multiple clinical trials (better quality of life, reduced hospital admissions and emergency room visits).

” We believe that it is possible for anyone with a chronic lung disease to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle “

We collaborate with multiple organizations in the field of respiratory health

We’re making a difference using the best learning strategies

Respiplus in numbers​

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Our Sponsors and Partners

Our successful programs have been proudly endorsed and supported by many Universities, non-profit organizations, charities and world leading pharmaceutical companies.

” Our programs help patients learn skills to adopt healthy new lifestyle behaviours. They can choose their own priorities and objectives, and can go through the content at their own pace “

The evolution of Respiplus

Respiplus is a non-profit organization that since 2013 has developed world-renowned Training programs. These include interactive learning materials which can be accessed through the web and various technological platforms. As well, telehealth solutions, training prog rams, and quality control for behavior change interventions.


Dr. Jean Bourbeau

Dr. Jean Bourbeau, Pulmonologist, is a world-renowned leader in self-management in the field of respiratory medicine. With over 300 peer-reviewed publications and +20K citations, his works have dramatically improved the care for people suffering from chronic lung diseases. His work and research on COPD, pulmonary rehabilitation, integrated self-management programs for patients with COPD (‘Living Well with COPD’) have had an impact not only in the field of research, but also in clinical practice at the national and international level.

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Executive Director
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Program Director
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Program Manager
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IT Specialist